Welcome to the EcoTec Group of Companies

Proudly celebrating 20 years of providing comprehensive environmental services that maintain the integrity Ontario’s natural resources.

The EcoTec Group of Companies was established in order to provide environmental services in all stages of a project; from assessment to design, construction to monitoring. Our staff have completed a wide range of environmental projects from assessment to post-construction monitoring, allowing us to better understand the requirements of a project at any stage.

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EcoTec Environmental Consultants

EcoTec Environmental Consultants Inc. has 20 years experience in providing environmental services to meet the needs of our clients while considering the protection, restoration, and enhancement of the natural environment. Our staff provides expertise in the dynamic fields of aquatic biology, terrestrial ecology, fluvial geomorphology, and ecosystem restoration.
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EcoTec Construction

EcoTec Construction Ltd was formed in 1999 in order to provide specialty ecologically-based landscape construction services, environmental inspection and environmental supervision for complex infrastructure construction projects. We specialize in stream channel restoration, fish habitat construction, and restoration landscaping.
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Caverloch Nurseries

Caverloch Nurseries specializes in quality nursery-grown indigenous plant stocks, including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and aquatic plants. The stock is nursery grown or salvaged, and is well suited to habitats and growing seasons found in most areas of Ontario.

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